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hDirectMail - Confidential, Secure Messaging

Originally developed for interoperable, secure messaging between healthcare providers and their business associates, Direct Project-compliant hDirectMail has been extended to support the needs of secure collaboration such as required by social services, judicial systems, public health services, patient engagement, population health monitoring — whenever private and confidential communication is required.

Inpriva was founded in 2002 and has been an industry leader in adopting open standards and methods for the secure transmission of protected health information (PHI). We have been an active participant in the Direct Project and have advised many state, federal, and international institutions in regard to the security and electronic transmission of PHI. Inpriva was the first health information service provider in the nation to handle the transmission of live patient PHI between two different electronic health record (EHR) systems using the Direct Project specifications.

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Key Features


Connect to the DirectTrust Accredited Network containing hundreds of thousands of verified Direct addresses with tens of millions of Direct secure messages exchanged.

Certified and Accredited

Our hDirectMail is MU3 certified by the Dept. of Health and Human Services and accredited by EHNAC /DirectTrust.

Advanced Webmail Client

The hDirectMail client is web-based with an interface that provides flexible folder access, a built-in CCDA/XDM viewer, any attachment file type, and syncs to other devices (e.g. Outlook, Smartphone, iPad, etc.).

Notifications and Alerts

Send notifications to standard email addresses alerting team members that Direct messages have been received.

Private Collaborations

Build collaborative teams of trusted participants that can share confidential or sensitive information.

Built-in CCDA Viewer

Our advanced Direct webmail client includes a CCDA, XDM, XML viewer. Now you can see these documents in human-readable form.

Verified Digital Identity

The users of Direct addresses must have their identity verified and be authenticated when accessing the Direct network. DirectTrust provides a nationwide trust framework.

Other Key Features

• HIPAA-compliant
• Direct messages can be securely delivered to recipients not on network
• Direct Directory
• Usage Reports

Enterprise-level Available

For EHR systems, HIEs, or other systems requiring XDR or alternative high-volume integrated interfaces, call 1-866-936-1423 or email us at

hDirectMail Plans start at just $99/year for 3 hDirect addresses!

Inpriva offers cost effective plans sized for your organization.

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Customer Solutions

Healthcare Services

Exchange personal health information (PHI) between healthcare providers, health information exchanges, patients, dentists, long-term care, home health, hospice, paraprofessionals, dentists, pharmacy, dieticians, and more.

Behavioral Health

Manage appointments, client updates, referrals, progress notes, and supervision.

Skilled Nursing Services

Send/receive sensitive information regarding care coordination, home health, hospice, and long-term care.

Social Services

Send/receive records, referrals, and updates regarding case management recommendations and goals with various community service organizations and professionals.

Child Advocacy Services

Send/receive reports, referrals, and assessments for law enforcement, forensic teams and therapeutic services.

Schools, Head Start, Pre-K

Send/receive records such as immunization, child progress reports, and confidential parent communications.

Criminal Justice System

Send/receive assessments, criminal records, recommendations, evidential files, and sensitive personal information for departments including law enforcement, judges, drug court, juvenile court, and laboratories.

Domestic Violence

Manage confidential services such as records requests, transportation, housing, therapy, and advocacy.

Human Resources

Manage confidential employee communications, insurance, health records, billing, payroll, and notifications.

Inpriva is EHNAC/DirectTrust Accredited as a Health Information Service Provider (HISP), Certification Authority (CA) and Registration Authority (RA). Inpriva is also a member of the DirectTrust Accredited Trust Bundle that facilitates interoperable Direct secure message exchange between hundreds of thousands of Direct addresses.

Certified by Dept. of Health and Human Services

Inpriva hDirect Network Services has been tested and certified as meeting the requirements of the 2015 Edition Health Information Technology Certification Criteria published by of the Dept. of Health and Human Services by InfoGard, a division of Underwriters Laboratories (UL). See