The Benefits of an Enterprise Messaging & Email System

The internal messaging system within your business is a critical component of your overall organization. While some employers may be hesitant about deploying an enterprise messaging and email system, there are many benefits to doing so. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should invest in an enterprise messaging system, consider this: your employees are likely already using messaging technologies that could jeopardize the security of your data and internal systems.

To truly ensure that the enterprise messaging system you choose can handle all of your business’ needs, try to look for a system that:

Offers Supreme Security

When you invest in a corporate messaging system for your healthcare, financial, or social services business, you won’t have to worry about important data and information being compromised. When you invest in a messaging system that is encrypted, you can rest assured that every message and attachment is secure with a unique key from the moment it is sent to the time that it is received.

At Inpriva, our hDirectMail plans were developed for interoperable, secure messaging between a variety of industries and their business associates. When you sign up for one of our enterprise plans, you’ll have your identity verified and authenticated before you can access the Direct network.

Improves Internal Communication

If you’re looking for an easy way to improve the communication between your practitioners, employees, and patients, investing in an EHR can have many advantages. EHRs will give your company an electronic network through which doctors and other staff members can check referrals, handle billing requests, and send and receive private and secure messages to patients and other healthcare professionals. This will make it significantly easier for you to manage and adjust schedules, since most systems will allow patients to cancel and set appointments without having to call the main office.

Can Save You Time

Did you know that when you invest in a secure messaging system like an electronic health record provider or EHR, it can actually save you time?

According to, roughly 80% of providers that use EHRs say that they help to boost efficiency in the workplace. In fact, three-quarters of this study admitted that EHRs allow them to receive lab results and critical patient information faster than ever before.

Busy practices in the medical, nursing, and criminal justice system are always looking for ways to save time so they can put more focus on their patients and their unique needs. An EHR can eliminate the cumbersome paperwork that comes with a new patient, and it can save your staff time when it comes to filing and retrieving information. The beauty of our hDirectMail plans is that you’ll have access to the data you need, when you need it. If you’re interested in learning more about our hDirectMail plans and pricing, get in touch with our friendly staff today.

Improves The Coordination of Care

If you currently work in the healthcare industry, you already know how important it is to ensure the information you exchange between doctors, patients, and other professionals is secure and safe. All too often, patients are subjected to repeat lab tests and examinations simply because the multiple practitioners that were involved in the care all keep seperate health records. When you invest in an EHR for your business, each doctor (with the patient’s permission) can have easy access to complete medical records, including any old diagnoses, tests, and examinations that were recorded from prior providers. Not does this give the practitioner a wonderful overview of each patient’s health history, it can help to ensure accurate diagnosis and appropriate care down the line.

Streamline Workflow

Looking for a way to increase productivity and efficiency while also cutting down on cumbersome paperwork at your office? When you invest in one of our hDirectMail plans, it can help you to streamline workflow while also significantly cutting down on your administrative costs. This will reduce the amount of time it takes for your hard-copy communications between clients and other businesses, so you can focus on what’s really important: your patients.

Reduce Errors

By investing in a secure messaging and email plan for your company, it will allow for better tracking and more standardized documentation of your patient and client interactions. This has the potential to reduce error, especially when it comes to patient notes, prescriptions, and billing data.

At Inpriva, our hDirectMail plans are interoperable. This means that you can connect to the DirectTrust Accredited Network, where hundreds of thousands of verified Direct Addresses and messages can be exchanged. Not only is this extremely convenient, it allows you to build collaborative teams of trusted participants that are able to share confidential and sensitive information across a secure and private network.

Eliminate Unnecessary Paperwork

Are you tired of having to stifle through unnecessary paperwork day-in and day-out? One of the biggest complaints that patients have about visiting healthcare providers and other facilities is the sheer amount of paperwork that must be filled out. When you make a point to invest in a secure messaging and email system within your organization, your staff will only need to provide the information once, and your patients will be happy they don’t have to keep filling out paperwork during each and every visit.

Key Features of Inpriva’s DirectMail Plans

At Inpriva, we’re proud to be an industry leader in adopting open standards and methods for a secure transmission of personal health information (PHI). We are the first Health Information Service Provider in the nation to handle the transmission of live patient PHI between two different EHR systems using the Direct Project Specifications. Our hDirectMail plans come with a variety of features, including:

  • Verified Digital Identity – All users of our hDirectMail plans must have their unique identity verified and authenticated before they can access our internal system.
  • Built-In CCDA Viewer – Our advanced Direct webmail client includes a CCDA, XDM, XML viewer. Now you can see these documents in human-readable form.
  • Advanced Webmail Client – The hDirectMail client is web-based with an interface that provides flexible folder access, a built-in CCDA/XDM viewer, any attachment file type, and syncs to other devices (e.g. Outlook, Smartphone, iPad, etc.).
  • Notifications and Alerts – With our hDirectMail plans, you have the ability to send notifications to standard email addresses to alert your team members that Direct messages have been received.

With hDirectMail Plans starting as low as $99 a year, we encourage you to learn more about our plans!

Industries That Can Benefit From hDirectMail Plans

There are a variety of industries and professionals that can benefit from a secure email and messaging system, including:

Healthcare Providers

If you work in the healthcare industry, you already know how important to is to have quick and easy access to patient information. As more and more healthcare facilities, from hospitals to private practices, move from paper charts to electronic medical records, a variety of benefits can be accrued. EHRs can provide doctors and nurses with reliable access to their patient’s complete bill of health, giving them a comprehensive overview so they can diagnose the patient’s issue quickly.

At Inpriva, we’ve found that the communication between physicians can be greatly improved with the use of an EHR. As professionals are able to access more in-depth evaluations of their patients, it can lead to an accurate diagnosis more quickly. When a patient is under the care of multiple doctors and specialists, it can be difficult trying to track his or her medical history. Things like allergies, medications, and past procedures can easily be missed when you rely solely on paper charts. EHRs allow multiple care providers from all over the world to simultaneously access a patient’s medical record from virtually any computer.

No matter what sector of the healthcare industry you work in, exchanging personal health information between your patients and other healthcare providers is critical to your success. Our hDirectMail plans are designed to assist hospitals, doctor’s offices, dentists, home health hospice services, and dieticians, among others.

Behavioral Health Professionals

If you’re a licensed psychiatrist or you work in another sector of the behavior health industry, you can benefit greatly from the hDirectMail plans at Inpriva. With the help of our secure email and messaging system, you can easily manage appointments, update your clients, send referrals, and make progress notes without having to worry about your sensitive information being leaked. We’ve worked with a variety of behavioral health providers, including:

  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists – These professionals work with children and adults to help with the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders. A child and adolescent psychiatrist uses knowledge of the biological, psychological, and social factors when it comes to working with patients. This special kind of psychiatrist can be found through local medical and psychiatric societies, mental health associations, medical centers, and local hospitals.
  • Geriatric Psychiatrists – As you may have guessed, a geriatric psychiatrist has special training in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders that may occur in older adults. Disorders like dementia, depression, and anxiety are often diagnosed in these patients.
  • Addiction Psychiatrists – An addiction psychiatrist is a medical subspecialty within psychiatry that focuses on the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of people who suffer from addictions. This may include disorders that involve illegal drugs, gambling, sex, food, and impulse control disorders.

Skilled Nursing Services

If you work in the nursing industry, you probably have to send and receive sensitive information to your patients and other medical professionals every day. At Inpriva, our hDirectMail plans are HIPAA compliant. But what does this mean?

HIPPA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), sets the industry standard when it comes to protecting sensitive patient data and information. Any industry or business that deals with protected health information (PHI) must make sure that all of the proper physical, network, and process security measures are taken. If you decide to host your data with a HIPAA compliant hosting provider, there must be certain safeguards in place.

There are many kinds of nurses that have benefited from our secure email and messaging service, including:

  • Registered Nurses – Also known as RNs, registered nurses often assist physicians in hospitals or other medical settings to help treat patients with illnesses, injuries, and medical conditions.
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist – Also known as a CNS, a clinical nurse specialist is an advanced practice nurse who is proficient in diagnosing and treating a variety of illnesses.
  • Nurse Case Manager – Nurse case managers normally coordinate long-term care for their patients with the hope of keeping them out of the hospital.
  • Operating Room Nurse – Operating room nurses care for patients before, during, and after surgery. They work alongside specialized surgical teams and normally act as a liaison between the medical professionals and the patient’s family.

Social Services

If you work in social services, it’s critical that you have a safe and secure way to send private client information. Whether it’s patient records, referrals, or updates regarding a case, if you don’t have a secure messaging or EHR system, your sensitive information may be at risk.

Social workers in the medical field often work in facilities like hospitals, emergency rooms, hospices, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home health agencies. These people facilitate communication among various caregivers, and they often assist with electronic records and paperwork.

Many mental health social workers tend to work in community mental health centers, private practices, mental hospitals, and even schools. Whether you manage confidential employee communications or send and receive progress reports to other medical professionals, it’s important to have a messaging system that you can count on.

Human Resources

Human resources specialists are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing, and placing workers. Oftentimes, these professionals will also handle tasks like payroll and benefits, training, and employee relations. The HR department of a company will keep track of federal and state laws that regulate benefits and compensation. These experts work with sensitive information every day, so it’s critical to use a safe and secure messaging system to ensure your private information stays private.

As you can see, there are many benefits to investing in an enterprise messaging and email system. If you have any questions about our hDirectMail plans, contact the team at Inpriva today!

At Inpriva, our mission is to enable the secure transmission of patient protected health information between healthcare providers, health information exchanges, and healthcare service providers. For the past ten years, our team has helped to develop the standards, policies, and practices which enable the secure electronic transmission of electronic healthcare records.

When you sign up with Inpriva, you won’t have to worry about replacing fax machines and using the US mail service on a regular basis. With our fully secure and auditable electronic messaging service that’s HIPAA compliant, we make it possible for any electronic health record (EHR) system to directly communicate with others seamlessly and quickly. We are also an active participant and reference implementation partner for the DirectProject, and we have advised many state, federal, and international institutions in regards to security and the electronic transmission of personal health information (PHI).

At Inpriva, we’re passionate about improving patient care through various forms of secure communications. Our company was founded in 2002 by Don Jorgenson, with our headquarters located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

hDirectMail Plans from Inpriva

Inpriva is proud to offer the healthcare community and its partners with a new secure form of messaging known as hDirectMail. As the first fully secure and electronic means for sending and receiving patient protected health information, you have the ability to instantly send patient PHI to any provider without having to wrestle with a fax machine. Since Inpriva’s service and network are specifically designed and operated in compliance with the Department of Health and Human Services Direct Project, you can rest assured knowing that the information you send is safe and secure.

With our hDirectMail plans, healthcare providers can now fully meet the criteria for the sending of electronic health records and qualify for their incentive payments. Our messaging plans not only allow you to send information to other providers and business associates, but you also have the ability to update records in the Health Information Exchanges.

EHR Integration

Did you know that Inpriva was the first in the nation to handle the transmission of live patient PHI between two different EHR systems using the DirectProject specifications? Our network is specifically designed to support not only our hDirectMail services, but also to support the direct transmission of CCD and CCR records from any EHR system using the HITSP C32 record or XDM/XDR protocols.

Plans for Healthcare Providers

When you sign up for an hDirectMail plan with Inpriva, your healthcare facility will be able to securely send and receive patient healthcare information electronically while meeting meaningful use requirements. Our plans are faster and more secure than a traditional fax machine, and you can use your plan with or without an EHR system. Our hDirectMail plans are HIPAA and HITECH compliant, allowing you to send messages instantly to any provider or business associate you work with. Our hDirectMail accounts include the following features:

Digital Identity

If you’re concerned about hackers getting into your current email system, switching over to one of our hDirectMail plans will save you an insurmountable amount of worry. Inpriva issues all of our clients a unique digital identity and PKI certificate so you can safely and securely send and receive personal healthcare information between various parties. When you use our system, only you and the intended recipient can access and read the information being passed. Our Digital Identity Package is HIPAA and HITECH compliant, and it also meets the requirements of the DirectProject. For the first time ever, you’ll be absolutely certain who sent you information and who will be receiving your messages.

Secure Encryption

All messages within our hDirectMail plans use industry-standard encryption technologies, so you never have to worry about an unauthorized party being able to read your private messages. No matter what plan you sign up for, your access to hDirectMail plans is encrypted using SSL technology. This means that every message you send has a unique encryption code, so only the addressed recipient can access it and read it.

Easy Transition

No matter what kind of email service you currently use, it’s easier than ever to transition to one of our hDirectMail plans. Our plans are accessible through a variety of standard email clients including MacOS Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Thunderbird. Our plans also support secure POP and IMAP connections.

Designed for EHR Integration

Our hDirectMail plans support both the XDM and XDR protocols and can be integrated into virtually any certified EHR system.

Lookup Directory

At Inpriva, you have the ability to use a lookup directory to find other healthcare professionals easily and quickly. If you’re unable to find a specific healthcare provider or business associate in our directory, you still have the ability to send information to them securely through our secure web-portal.

Large File Attachments

Concerned about sending large files or attachments over the web? With our hDirectMail plans, you don’t have to be. We offer the largest standard message attachment size in the industry, so you can be certain that your messages and attachments will be sent to the desired recipient.

Mailbox Audit Support

When you sign up for a hDirectMail plan with Inpriva, we’ll provide you will HIPAA compliant audit capabilities completely free of charge. For every message you send with hDirectMail, you’ll have access to an electronic record of who sent it, when it was read, and a complete set of any attachments.

Custom Sub-Domains

Every hDirectMail customer is given a free sub-domain, so other companies and healthcare professionals can easily find you in our web portal. Custom domains are also available upon request.

Web-Portal Access

Inpriva offers web-portal access services so you can securely access your hDirectMail account from any web-enabled device, without going directly through your email client. This means you can send and receive PHI securely from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Inpriva: Your Partner in Healthcare Email Plans

Originally developed for interoperable, secure messaging between healthcare providers and their business associates, Inpriva is proud to be a leading provider in DirectProject-compliant messaging systems. Our hDirectMail plans start as low as $99 a year for up to three hDirect Mailboxes and up to 1,200 shared messages. Check out our plans and pricing online or contact our friendly staff to learn more about our secure and safe messaging plans today!